We manufacture and make all types, classes and designs of pots with different colors according to your interest and location of it. Placing from annual and perenial plants, flowering or sun pots, hanging pots. All in different designs, sizes and materials.


We install all kinds of irrigation systems for your lawn, gardens, pots, shrubs and trees according to the soil building. From: drip systems, traditional automatic spray systems, rotor system, everything this area refers to and according to what is needed on your property or work area. Our entire system is adequate, appropriate and updated according to the market in our area.


We cut, remove or extract all kinds of trees: (leafy or latifoliated) aspen, pines, shrubs, branches. Also if your problem is the roots in your lawn, gardens or other area within your property we offer you the service to extract those annoying roots that affect your landscape or your good view. Our work is very professional and clean, we have the specialized staff in this area.


We remove the accumulated snow on your roof, remove and clean the snow from the main entrances of the house, garage, we have the special equipment to fulfill your projects, contact us and take it for a fact.


We place Christmas lights to adorn your home and your patio, we place Christmas lights in aspen trees, pines as well as in all the main parts of your home, doors, windows, etc. We place Christmas trees and decorate everything you need to bring your home to life. Contact us