We work everything regarding what you mean and need to make your garden full of life, with a variety of colors and the best view for your home. We work with a variety of annual and perenial flowers and plants (shade, sun, half shade and half sun). We plant and give all the maintenance that is required to your garden (remove weeds, fertilize, place compost, we feed the soil). The placement of compost and the preparation of the land is at the beginning and end of the season so that your garden does not lose its vitality and growth force.


We prepare and place all kinds of lawns that are on the market and the one used in our area, as we also give its respective maintenance so that your lawn always is green and glossy. So your property whether you're a residence or a trade, always have the best view in your yard. Maintenance consists of: cutting the lawn, fertilizing, periodic checks, removing the old and dead lawn. All over the course of the season.


We do everything that is watered to cleaning in all types of property whether: residence, commerce, departments or construction area. With professionalism and speed trying to meet your expectations as a client of our prestigious family. Cleaning consists of deep cleaning or moderate cleaning as required and needed. In our cleaning services we also offer you the cleaning of your window or door glass. We have the professional staff and dedicated especially to the cleaning area.


We offer all kinds of work in exterior or interior paint, painted doors (wood or metal), chairs (wood or metal), deck, walls, window frames. Everything that refers to paint jobs. Our jobs are very professional, fast and even very comfortable price for users.


We work everything that refers to carpentry work such as siding placement, framing, baseboarding and everything that refers to timber and flashing. we have a great professional team and guaranteed for our work.